Wednesday, March 9, 2011

O Teso (EA1/LU-029)

Last Monday I went to activate O Teso (EA1/LU-029) with Anca (YO8SOY). I had already activated this summit in December, but it was dark when I arrived there and I only made 4 QSOs.

In March the days are much longer, and the weather was nice, so I had an opportunity to make 26 QSOs, which is my record so far. All of them were made on 20m SSB with 20W and a 2.9m whip.
Thanks to EA1AQ and EA1LQ for announcing me on the Sotawatch cluster and thanks to mi0tmw, dg6sfu/m, oe6gnd, hb9agh, ok1sde, dk2rmp, ha7ug, g6mzx, oz4rt, ok1cz, dj5av, dl1dlf/p, g6odu, i3vad, s51zg, g0tdm, la8bca, dj0gm, z35f, g4obk, hb9ckv, on4up, sp9iek, m3xie, dk3bk, and oe6wig for the QSOs.

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