Saturday, November 17, 2012

Malpelo Island (HK0NA) on 10m SSB

This is the eQSL of a QSO with Malpelo Island (HK0NA) on 10m SSB.
I made this QSO thanks to Quique (EA1DFP). I was at home when he phoned me to tell me about the spot. As I don't have an HF antenna at home, I went down to my car to try the QSO, and was lucky to make it at the first try. There was no pile-up.
Malpelo is a small island in the East Pacific Ocean, located about 500 km (310 mi) west of the Colombian mainland. Except for a small military post that is manned by the Colombian Armed Forces, it is uninhabited. It consists of a sheer and barren rock with three high peaks, the highest being Cerro de la Mona with a height of 300 metres (980 ft).
Malpelo is home of a unique shark population; swarms of 500 hammerhead sharks and hundreds of silky sharks are frequently seen by diving expeditions, making it a very popular sharkdiving location.

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