Monday, September 15, 2014

Greece on 12m (SV3AQR)

Testing my Yaesu FT-897D with an internal LDG YT-100 antenna tuner and an internal LiPO battery, using 20W into a random wire on 12m SSB.


  1. Hi EC1CW, I saw many videos from you, thank you, you're giving me the little push I needed to try HF! One question though: You say you're using a YT-100 and a random wire. How is your random wire connected? Directly to the center connector of the output (ANT) port of the YT-100? And it tunes? And approx what length of wire do you use?


  2. Yes. It is connected to the centre of the ANT connector. Five metres of wire without a counterpoise, and it tunes, although I guess the performance would improve with a counterpoise.

  3. Thanks EC1CW, I really appreciate the answer. Sorry for my anonymous post, I forgot to sign it, I'm VE2LDP, Louis in Canada.

    One last question, if I may: In your videos, you show a whip antenna quite long, and you say it's a "military whip antenna", but I could not find any other details about this antenna. I'm looking for a whip antenna for portable use, and I'd like to know more or at least if there are equivalent antennas on the market.

    Thanks! VE2LDP


  4. I'm interested to know what kind of battery voltages and use that. Greetings.

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