Monday, November 30, 2009

PRC-320 refurbishment (first coat)

These is a picture of the PRC-320 after the first coat of paint. In the next coat I will try to adjust the tone and use an addtitive to get a matt finish.
Today I have continued the tests with the help of my colleague Antonio (EB1AAL). We measured output power which was slightly more than 20Watts with a rather discharged battery. Ernesto (EA1LQ) was also ready to help and gave us some reports on the modulation. He said that it sounded rather tinny, which is an ususual feature of military transceivers, I have heard.


  1. Congatulation to your prc320. I also own several and use them occasional.

    bye Oli, DL1OLI

  2. So what paint color did you use how did you color match,did you use a AU primer?
    How did it come out any additional pictures
    73's AB2ET

  3. I didn't use the original paint, but it can be found on eBay I think. It is called deep bronze green or something like that. I didn't sand the radio properly nor did I use a primer, so the finish is not that great.