Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nice eQSL from M0WGI

I have just received this nice eQSL from M0WGI, for a QSO on 40m SSB in January 2009.
I think I remember this QSO because I don't have so many on that band, and Steve had a distictive Asiatic accent. If I remenber right, I was in the car park by the Torre de Hercules on a very stormy day, and I was using a mobile D-Original DX-UHV antenna. EA1AQ was in his car with another mobile antenna similar to the Outbacker.


  1. Vaya preciosidad de tarjeta
    Algo así debiera hacer yo

  2. La tuya puede ser mucho mejor. Un dúa la preparamos, con una foto del barco en un día de sol.