Monday, December 27, 2010

Pico Ribón (EA1/LU-028): Part I

This is the video of the approach to Pico Ribon (SOTA ref. EA1/LU-028) that I went to activate with EA1AQ on Christmas day.

The car left us very close to the summit, but the last 300m were very hard, because of the snow and the weight of the backpack radio (some 9kg overall). As you can see from the elevation profile, the final ascent had slopes of up to 40%. This also made it virtually impossible to stop for a rest until the summit was reached.
While on the way I was in contact by radio with EA1AQ, who stayed in the car. Although it was not necessary, we used the R5 repeater frequency because it also gave us the opportunity to keep in contact with other hams in the region.
To be continued...

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