Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Close-up pictures of the FT-987 whip mount

Here you can see a close-up picture of the FT-897 whip mount that I have installed, using a Hustler quick disconnect and some plastic isolators. It is connected in parallel with the tuner's so239 antenna connector.
The other SO239 connector by the whip mount is for VHF/UHF and is not yet connected to the radio.
I am also thinking about the possibility of preparing a 4:1 impedance adaptor for the whip mount only that would be connected with a smal jumper. What do you think? Does it pay?


  1. Diego,

    I see that you put the quick disconnect to good use. Nice job on the modified tuner and handles you made.

    Bob WB2ICQ

  2. Thise quick disconnects are great. I am using on of them in my new project.