Saturday, May 22, 2010

EA1 Summits

I have prepared a list of EA1 summits. The EA1 area comprised 16 provinces in the North West of Spain. You can see the list here.
In order to give similar chances to all the provinces, I have selected the summits that are one standard deviation above the respective province's summits mean height above sea level.
I have also assigned a number of points to each summit by dividing them into six bands accoding to a prominence index based on the summits' difference in standard deviations with their respective province's mean summit. Scores range from one point for 1-1.5 standard deviations and 10 points for 3.5 standard devisations and above.
The ideal would be to join some similar international programmes. It will be neccessary to appoint people for a number of functions, especially regional managers to promote the programme in their respective provinces.

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