Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Belarus: No. 19 with the PRC-320

I have just received an eQSL from Belarussian station EW6DX (operator: Igor) for a QSO on the 15m band one month ago. This makes the 19th country validly confirmed by eQSL for my target 25-country target with the PRC320.
Igor was born in 1957 and discovered the ham radio in 1970. SWL since 1970 as UC2-006-67, he was first licenced in 1974 as RC2WBJ, then UC2WDX and, finally, since 1994, EW6DX. He was active with club calls: UK2WAT, UK2WAO, UC1WWE, EW6WE and special calls UC500FS (500 years of Franciscus Scorina), EU0P, EW5P, EU5F, EU5ROPE (his QTH Polotsk is considered the geographic center of Europe), EV5V etc. Active in HF and VHF, he likes contesting and DXing in CW, SSB and FM.

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