Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Clan is growing: Three-way QSO with ON4FB and G0TBI

Last Friday I organized a sked with ON4FB in Belgium and G0TBI joined us from England. The bad news is that my camcorder's battery was empty so I couldn't record the QSO as I wanted. The good news is that Alex recorded everything from his shack. Unfortunately we cannot hear G0TBI (Stuart) because his signal was received in Spain but not in Belgium.
In this first video Alex is using an FT897 with a 500W linear amplifier:

As I told him that his signal was good and he didn't need so much power, he decided to try his PRC320... with a 100W linear amplifier:

I reassured him again that the rig's standard power was more than enough, so he finally switched off the amplifier. Here the QSO with his PRC-320 barefoot:

As you can see, the standard 30W are more than enough for communication.

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  1. Very nice QSO's and videos !! For the next party, just tell me and I see if I can go out with my AEG SE6861!