Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Denmark into Space (OZ2SPACE)

Saturday was a good day with the PRC-320. I made three QSOs. One with the Danish special event station OZ2SPACE. This callsign is a contribution to our friends in the local Danish rocket and space project called Copenhagen Suborbitals. If you want to see more about what they do you can visit
In short, it is a group of experts and hobby persons working for free! to make a space limit rocket and space ship to launch a person into space. This group have now tested rocket motors in all sizes and are now ready for full size ground test and flight this summer.
Then I made a very interesting QSO with Riccardo (IZ1GDB) from Torino, who was operating with 100W into a vertical antenna. He told me he had also operated portable as EH5FL, activating a Spanish lighthouse with some fellow hams. He also put me on the cluster, which allowed me to make a quick qso with the German station DL6SRD.

What Riccardo didn't tell me but I found out later is that he was also active as YO8/IZ1GDB from Borlesti, in the the Moldova region of Romania. You can see him on teh above video. That's funny because I was also active as YO8/EC1CW a couple of years ago.

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