Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pedestrian mobile with the PRC-320

Today I went pedestrian mobile with the PRC-320. It was a nice experience that I would like to repeat, although it was difficult to make any contact at all.
The 2.4m whip is not very efficient on 20m which, together with the use of a single counterpoise wire and the limited power, makes it hard to compet with full fledged fixed stations.
Finally, I managed to make a QSO with EA8CEQ (Manolo) from the La Palma, in the Canary Islands. He usually has a very good signal and today was no exception. Thanks again for his patience and willingness to help. On the picture I am celebrating the QSO with a friend.
As you can see, I was using the smaller 1Ah battery. Next time I will try with the bigger 4Ah one. The pedestrian activity was not planned, and I didn't have the antenna gooseneck fitting, which would allow to put the antenna vertical, and that should help. I will also insvestigate the effect of different counterpoise systems.

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