Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poland: Thirteenth country confirmed with the 320

Today I received an eQSL for a QSO on the 15m band with Polish station SP7IDX (Waldi). This makes the thirteenth countru confirmed for my eDX award.
Today I also met José Luis (EA1HNP) and made some QSOs with the FT857D because the weather was too bad for staying outside with the PRC-320. I made a QSO with Canadian station VE7FE (Jurgen) on the 15m band. Then I moved to 20m and made a QSO with Brazilian station PY5QW (operator Vigand) from Curitiba and another one with KC2R (Bernie) from Central New York.
Bernie was first licensed in 1954 as ZB1CO on the island of Malta. Royal Corps of Signals, British Army. His second call was DL4NT ( & club station DL4ACW ) with the U.S. Air Force, Germany, 1956 - 1959. His first U.S. call was WB2GJN in 1963. Finally, he has held his present call, KC2R, since 1979.

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