Thursday, February 11, 2010

PRC-320 on the 17m band

Today there was good propagation again so I decided to take the PRC-320 out. First I tried on the 20m band, as usual, but there were too many stations so I decided to move to the 17m band. As you may know, my 4m whip does not tune on that band, so I thought I could remove the top section of the antenna. On the following video you can see the process:

I made tree QSOs in total. The first one was with the Canary Islands, EA8AAW (Andrés Pérez) from Gran Canaria.

The second QSO was with SV2MAP (Giannis) from Ptolemaida in the North of Greece.

The third one was with 9H1ET (John) from Malta.

Then there was some terrible QRM so I looked around and found the source... a police van with a radio jammer had parked close to me. Game over for today.

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