Friday, February 19, 2010

Clansman PRC-320 sked: The Clan reunited

Today I had a sked with a Belgian fellow ham on the 20m band. Alex is also a fan of military radios and we agreed to meet on 14.250 Mhz at 10.00 UTC in order to to try the PRC320. In this first QSO, he is using a Kenwood TS-50 with an auto-tuner and a 6m-long military vertical:

We tried at different power levels for the Kenwood (100, 50 and 10W), but the real test was to try the two Clansman radios together, from Spain and Belgium, respectively:

At first his antenna was not properly tuned, and you can notice a big improvement after this is accomplished. I think the propagation also helped a bit at the end of the QSO. Two Clansman radios together again... the Clan reunited.


  1. are a very nice videos , I want to try also ....

    So I hope will be meet you some day in the frecuency , Good Job Diego !!!

    73' Josep

    NOTE .- Alex are in his home or also in portable?

  2. Nice video. Thanks for sharing....73

  3. Hola,
    Muchas felicidades por tu blog.
    Son muy interesantes todos los videos, sobretodo donde aparece la Clansman PRC-320.
    ¿Tienes preparada la modificación para trabajar en modo LSB?.
    Yo estoy intentado encontrar alguna PRC-320.
    Muchos 73,
    Juan EA4DAT

  4. Es verdad... lo de la PRC-320 tiene mérito...