Friday, December 25, 2009

Crossing the pond with the PRC-320

Today I crossed the Atlantic for the first time with my PRC-320. It was a QSO on the 20m band with W1/GI0MPT (Eamonn) from Massachusetts. He gave me a 55 report.
I was using the transceiver at full power with the 1.1mAh battery and a 4m-long military whip antenna. I do not have the exact reference of the antenna, but on the bag it says it is property of the NVA (National People's Army of the German Democratic Republic).
This is my default antenna at the moment. It works well with the Yaesu FT-857D and the FC-40 autotuner.


  1. Caramba muy bien no Diego ?? A que hora hicistes el contacto ? Yo he etsado incomunicado de telef. e internet en Carcelen (Albacete) y con la lluvia no he hecho nada, me he dedicado a la escucha con el PRC 1000 de la ICOM. Tu equipo parece que chuta con tu nuevo handset

  2. El QSo fue a las 1620 UTC, cuando ya se estaba haciendo de noche.