Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunny morning with the Clansman PRC320

Today I made two and a half QSOs with the PRC320, all of them in SSB on the 20m band. I say "two and a half" because I am not sure that EN500I (a special event station from Ukraine) got my callsign right.
The other two QSOs were with I0IFO (operator Luciano from Tivoli) and YO2UU (operator Dori from Arad). In the latter case I felt a bit sorry for the short QSO due to the harsh modulation of the PRC320 and the need to save battery power, so I called him again afterwards with the Yaesu FT-857D.
The antenna I used in those cases was the 5.5m whip that I have in my car, but I am not very satisfied with it because it falls outside the normal range of the internal antenna tuning unit of the RT320 transceiver. I will have to find a different antenna setup because 20m is one of my favourite bands.

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  1. Try to put a SERIES capacitor from the antenna wire to the whip. A good value to begin, is 20 pf. You can use a small variable and look the better adjustment range in more than one band. Regards. Edgardo Maffia LU1AR.