Friday, December 4, 2009

First QSO with my PRC-320

Today I made my first DX QSO with my PRC-320. It was on the 20-meter band in CW with DK3FT/M (operator Hardy, from near Frankfurt). He gave me a 549, although there was some qsb later. I heard him great with the 250Hz CW filter on the PRC-320.
I used the high power setting (nominal 30W) and the standard 2.4-meter-long whip antenna, and the handset pressel as a CW keyer. I also used a single 10-meter-long isolated cable lying on the ground as a counterpoise.
I just checked the web and there are some videos of portable and QRP stations making QSOs with Hardy. He must be a really good operator.
I wish this is the first of many more QSOs with my PRC-320. Thanks a lot for the QSO and all the effort, Hardy, and best DX!

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