Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greece: The country number 61

I have just received the eQSL from SV7LWV (Giorgos), which represents country number 61 validly confirmed for my eDX award.
The case of Greece is a funny one. I had it already confirmed but I noticed that the only valid eQSL that I had from that country really corresponded to the DXCC entity Crete not Greece, so I contacted the eQSL staff to check it out. Some days after they told me that they had contacted the callsign owner and they verified that it did correspond to Crete, so they corrected the information. Because I already had Crete on the list, as a result of the correction I had one country less.
That is why I can celebrate it again as the country number 61. Thanks to Giorgos for the QSO and the nice picture.

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