Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The right paint for Clansman radio equipment

I have just received some pictures from a friend in Belgium who is getting ready for painting his newly arrived PRC-320. He got the exact clansman paint colour (deep bronze green) from a UK dealer. For those interested, the exact details are:
AESP 0200-A-221-013 Painting of Service Equipment Chap 3, Serial No. 22, Clansman equipments
Primer: H1/8010-99-224-2079 Paint, priming epoxide, air drying. Paint finishing: H1/8010-99-224-8663 Paint, finishing, matt deep bronze green, polyurethane, air drying.


  1. Where did he order the paint?


    Philip Neidlinger

  2. I didn't use the original paint myself but a friend from Belgium did. He bought it from an eBay.co.uk seller. Look for clansman paint or matt deep bronze green paint. 73!