Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moxon antenna project

Today I made three QSOs on the 20m band. The first was with the Russian station RZ3AL (Pavel) from near Moscow. The second QSO was with the Slovenian station S53IV (Damjan) with whom I have made a QSO not long ago. Here is the video of the QSO.

Damjan was using 100W into a Moxon antenna, which, as Damjan explains, is a 2 element beam. The Moxon is a directional antenna system that is gaining in popularity because it offers three very distinct advantages over a typical two element Yagi: (1) Small in physical size; (2) Outstanding front to back ratio; and (3) The Moxon is a 50 ohm antenna. You can read more about it at
When I was on my way back I stopped by José Luis (EA1HNP) who had set an inverted-V dipole on a nearby field in order to participate in the RTTY contest. I set up my 4m whip and made a quick QSO with the Duch station PF1MO in order to show him the virtues of the Clansmasn PRC320 radio system.

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