Monday, February 22, 2010

One morning, three bands, seven countries

Sunday morning was very productive with the PRC-320. I made ten QSOs with seven countries in three different bands. I started on my newly discovered 12m band with a couple of QSOs with Lithuania (LY1CX, Auris) and Crete (SV9CVY, Mike).
Then I moved to the 15m band and made contacts with Poland (SP6VWX- Robert and SP7IDX - Waldi), Antigua and Barbuda (V21DB, Derrick), Kazahstan (UN0LE, Serge from Kustanai) and the Czech Republic (OK2WED, Petr). Here you can see a video of the QSO recorded by José Luis (EA1HNP), who popped by to see how the Clansman worked:

Finally, I tried the 20m band, where I checked into what I believe was the Southern Cross DX Net coordinated by Jack (W1FDY), in which I have already participated in the past. I made QSOs with him and two other American stations: KB3NXT (Joe, from PA) and KC8OFH.

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