Friday, July 30, 2010

SOTA Activation: Cova da Serpe (Snake's Cave)

My friend Ernesto (EA1LQ) has been from the beginning one of the main promoters of the SOTA programme in the North West of Spain (EA1). Next Sunday 1 August nearly 200 peaks will qualify for SOTA activation and Ernesto is getting ready to activate Cova da Serpe, a summit in the nearby province of Lugo, above 800m and thus worth 4 points for scoring purposes.
Ernesto has sent me some pictures of the material he has been preparing for his expedition, where he intends to use two dipoles for the 20m and 40m bands. On the first picture you can see the dipole junction he has prepared for this expedition and on the second picture you can see the mast and mount he will use to elevate the centre of the dipole.
The SOTA programme does not allow contacts from motor vehicles or the use of fossile fuels as a source of power for the rigs, which adds to the challenge of getting to the summits.

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