Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday I made a couple of QSOs on the 15m band while I was waiting for a sked with Alex (ON4FB) on our usual 20m frequency.
One of those was with a maritime mobile station run by Ginel (YO4RYU), who was near the port of Huelve, in Spanish waters. Ginel has got very interesting fotor on his profile, including pictures of his antenna and his cabin.
The other QSO on the 15m band was with Ukranian station UR7EP (operator: Yuri). You can see his picture on the right.
Then I had a great QSO with Alex (ON4FB) who was using an FT897 and told me about his project to make a kite antenna. Here you can see a video:

Propagation was good and if I didn't make more contacts it was only because I had a very busy afternoon working on my FT-897. I will put some pictures as they become available.

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