Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Iron Man

Yesterday I was working in my workshop to continue the job I had started on Sunday with the help of my friend Robi and this is was came out. As always, it is only a prototype at an early stage.
Lots of connectors are still missing on the front panel: a 3/8-24 mount or quick disconnect for the hf antenna, a female PL connector the vhf antenna, A stainless steel ground binding post...
A third handle will provide protection for the connectors and a third foot for the radio to stand with the front panel up. It will be made of solid square section aluminum like the other handles.
The case could also be lightened with some holes that would also improve the speaker sound and give access to the battery switch.
Finally, everything could be painted and the colour has not been yet decided. Suggestions are accepted...
In the beginning I said this is just a prototype and, when I look at the pictures now, I think I must be a bit masochistic, because it is really hard to bend this aluminum. I could have made the prototype with carton board or at least a thinner aluminum plate...

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