Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yaesu FT-897D Camo

This is my FT-897D with some camo paint. I am not entirely convinced about the final result, but I wanted to show you my version of camo stripes. I think this is not bad for a first test.
I will probably end up painting evarything black, but I will use another type of black paint (water based) that has a less shiny finish than this one, and also dries faster.


  1. Dear OM,
    What kind of antenna's do you use in the mobile situation. On most of your movies you use a nice vertical antenna. Can you tell me ?
    vy '73 Eric, PA2EON

  2. The antenna that I use in my car is a 4m-long military whip that comes from the DDR. I had to make a thread to the base in order to use it in my car's mount.
    The antenna I use for portable is a 2.7m-long whip of military origin too, but it already came with an m10 thread.
    Both seem to be made of fiberglass with metal fittings at the extremes of each section.
    In the past I also used a 2.4m long military whip of the Clansman series, made entirely of metal. It is very thin and light but I don't like it so much.